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miércoles, noviembre 19, 2008

Bush versus Clinton English

For the last 20 years two clans have roamed over the land of the free and the home of the brave: the Clintons and the Bushs. Then suddenly out of nowhere a man came claiming a time for change and the fact that we can escape the fatal syndrome of the Bs and the Cs in the White House. Yes a change we can believe in. So we morons believed in his promises. Then he was elected Prez and what he is doing? Nominating all ex President Clinton's staff to fill his cabinet. Even offering the State Dept to Hillary. Now is Eric Holder for General attorney, of course the first afro-american GA in USA history. I solemny proclaimed years ago to be a Clintonian but a William Jefferson one. I was promised change and what I am getting is the same story over again. Clintonians to substitute Bushionians. When this will end?
I want new faces in Washington, not the same old shit of the past 20 years.
An angry Wesbri
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Blogger Yoana ha dicho...

Hello again! Well, I wonder how you manage to be so naive, my friend (sorry, no offence ment). Of course it is the same, one side or the other. Let's just hope they can at least fix the economy. The Clintons weren't so bad at it, were they?


3:58 a. m.


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